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Congrats to my Good Friend…..

Congrats to my Good Friend… on the title to reach the blog.

I think this post is “Awesome” and it was really sweet of my dear friend to blog about my me.

Hope you enjoy her blog and leave a comment if you wish. She has interests in fashion, music and antiques. If you are interested take some time and read her blogs too.

Thank you to everyone who has viewed my blogs and for making it possible for me to reach over 1000 views since I started this blog in May 2011.

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19 days of Such is Life

Its been 19 days since I started blogging and when I started I wasn’t sure of the blogging thing. I can say “I love it”!

I feel refreshed and my mind is clearer when I am able to express myself and that’s truly important to one’s self.

We all get wrapped up in everyday things and we sometimes don’t get the opportunity to share a story with someone.  Since I started writing it has helped me to remember lost life stories that got pushed to the back of closet. We all need to clean out the closet and make room for the new.

I truly appreciate everyone who has read my blogs and best of all thank you to those for leaving comments. It’s a feeling of fulfillment that someone else can read my blogs and have a laugh, learn something new, get the chills or just simply smile because they read something that made them feel good.

Thank you to my closest friends for being my inspirations. You all deserve a HUGE thank you!


The Big Purse

My husband and I were out doing our usual shopping on a Friday evening. We stopped in at Wally World to pick up a few things. It always seems like an interesting trip every time we go to this particular store.

We did our shopping and it was time to check out. There was a woman who had just finished her check out and was standing at the end of the lane. The Wally World associate started ringing our order and bagging our items. The woman was still at the end of the lane fussing with this big purse. I was trying to figure out what was taking so long; maybe she couldn’t find her keys or maybe she was putting her money away. Who knows but I needed to grab my bags and put them in the cart. So I said, “excuse me” and she moved over just a bit. Now I am feeling annoyed about why this women is being so slow to move out of the lane. As I am thinking to myself, “She had her turn, now leave”!

We left the store and the women walked out right behind us. We put the bags in the car and then we sat in the car watching this woman. She just stood there at her car fussing again with that big purse.

She couldn’t find her keys in her overstuffed big purse. Some people are just clueless. Do you really need to carry your whole life in your purse?

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