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One Mouse and Two Traps

I went over to the apartment to get ready to put a coat of prime on the bathroom walls and I had just opened the door to hear the sounds of scurrying mice dragging a mouse trap under the sink cabinet.  The chills just rushed through my body.

I waited for the noise to stop before I proceeded to enter the apartment because I still had chills running up my spine. There are some things I don’t do well with and this is one of them. I know what you are thinking while you are reading this and probably saying “Wow this person is really a chicken shit”! I agree that I am. My husband has trapped mice for two days and lacing the traps with soy peanut butter.

I went about my business and started priming the bathroom but while I was painting, the sounds continued under the sink. They must really enjoy the soy peanut butter, I thought to myself. Then all of sudden, Snap! and then Snap again!

Well after hearing the snapping of the mouse traps, the chills continued to run up my spine.

Needless to say I left the apartment and went about my day and later that evening my husband and I went back to the apartment to put the first coat of paint on the walls. While I was painting, my husband says “Honey, come here I want you to see what all the noise was about” I said, well okay. So I went into the kitchen to see 1 mouse caught in two traps.  How funny! Well how do you get your tail snapped in a trap and part of your head in the other trap and stay alive? Yes! He was alive and pedaling around the cabinet dragging two mouse traps.


This one mouse made all that racket under the sink.


Whose in the Basement?

It was the fall of 2007 and I had just gotten home from work and I noticed the door was open to the basement and the light was on. I thought maybe my husband left the door open and maybe he left the light on too. Not really sure.

My husband was working over time at work on this particular evening so I was home alone with the dog. The house was chilly and I had turned the heat on but I just couldn’t seem to warm up. So, I put on a sweatshirt and went about the evening activities.

At this time I was in the kitchen cooking dinner when out of no where there was some noise coming from the basement. It sounded like someone was hammering some wood. I picked up my cellphone and pressed 911 for when I needed to hit send. I went to the edge of the basement stairs and yelled down, Is there someone there? The hammering stopped. I was afraid to go down the stairs of what I might find but I went down and there was nothing that I could see.

I was a bit scared at this point and couldn’t wait for my husband to come home from work. I started thinking about all the incidents that had taken place before this one and it was definite that there was a ghost in the house.

I called my husband hoping he would answer his cellphone, thank goodness he answered. I said, when are you leaving to come home? He said, why? I said, honey its definite we have a ghost living in the house.  He said he would be home in a half hour. My husband arrived and we spoke about the incident and of course we talked about the other incidents that had taken place too. It was a sleepless night because the hammering started up around the time we both were about to fall asleep. I said, now do you believe me.

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