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The Potato Chips

Here it is Saturday late morning and my husband and I had to stop for gas before heading to Hollis, New Hampshire for a visit. We arrive at the gas station to find long lines for gas, you might of thought there was a fuel shortage? We got our fuel and continued on our path to Hollis.

The skies were dark and it was thundering, then all of sudden I jumped a mile at the sight of a lightning strike. All within the matter of minutes the rains came, the sun started to shine and thunder clouds remained in the distance. I will hope for a rainbow but no sight of a rainbow. The sun disappeared and the sky became dark and grey with lightning strikes in the distance and the loud sounds of thunder roaring as we drive to Hollis.

Finally we arrive at our destination and of course the rains were heavy and lightning was near, now I am afraid to get out of the car. My husband gets out of the car and runs to the house and I am still sitting there just waiting for the right time. So, I just got out and ran because it was lightning.

Our visit was short, its time to leave and we still have pouring rains.  Only if we had just waited a couple more minutes before leaving because the sun started to shine we wouldn’t have gotten soaking wet from the rains.

Hollis is a quaint little town not too far from the city but tucked in just far enough away you might think it was Gods country. It a serene little town with local farms, orchards, and one of everything a small town would need.

We stopped at our favorite local farm for some fresh vegetables, snack and drinks for the ride home. We found the “best” kettle cooked potato chips they were rosemary & olive oil flavored potato chips. They were so delicious we ate more than half the bag and enjoyed our favorite sodas on the ride home.

The ride home was sure an interesting one, the weather changed again but this time it was worse. The sky opened up and the rains came pouring down, hadn’t heard anything like it in a long time, then it started hailing and it was pounding on the windshield and cars started slowing down to 40 mph. The highway looked as if someone had dropped all their marbles and the skies started to clear and there it was in the distance blue skies and sunshine ahead.

By the time we reached home you might of thought we had a passing shower. The ground was barely wet and the sun was shining.

A few rosemary & olive oil potato chips are left in the bag.

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