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Chickens in the City

Here it is  Friday early evening and my husband and I  were out in the yard doing some Spring clean up so we can get ready to cut the grass.  We heard this weird noise and it sounded like someone was laughing.  So, we didn’t think much of it and continued raking leaves and then all of sudden there was the sound again, so here we are standing in the yard looking up at the trees and looking all around but we still couldn’t find where the noise was coming from.

If you could just imagine the curious looks we had on our faces. We have stopped doing yard work and now we were in search of the cackling sound. Well there it was on the other side of the fence was three chickens cackling away, you might of thought they were laughing at us and they probably were. It’s a wonder we hadn’t heard them before. Who would have ever thought you would find Chickens in the City.

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