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On Friday afternoon around 3:15 it started thundering and I thought well this was no big deal and I can handle it. Mind you I don’t like storms especially when the thunder is real loud and lightning. I was keeping myself busy folding laundry and cleaning the bedroom. Then the storm really started getting intense and I felt the need to find a place somewhere in my home that I could feel safe away from windows. This was no ordinary thunderstorm this was an electrical storm. I grabbed my soda, cellphone and a cigarette and found my dark spot on the floor between the dining room and the bathroom. I closed the door to the dining room and opened the door to the bathroom. I just sat there in the dark listening to the electricity run through the sky and bang with the thunder.

I was extremely scared and I could feel the anxiety building. Well all of sudden the door to the bathroom started to close and there he was standing right in front of me was my boy Kudah. I could only see his eyes but that’s okay. He came to let me know that I was okay and he was there with me keeping me safe.

I wasn’t scared anymore and I really felt at peace.

Kudah was always there when we had these awful scary storms and we use to sit together and I would talk with him.

I am just so happy he came to visit even if it was just for a short while.


The Fear Factor

This is story is not about some t.v. reality show its about life and living with fear.

So many of people live in fear everyday but some maybe ashamed to say so…and where does the fear come from. It comes directly from the person and your subconscious creates it. Sometimes it wreaks havoc on a person’s life from the individual’s mind.  For example you are in an elevator and you start feeling sick for whatever the reason is, you may feel faint and the feeling of being alone kicks in an anxiety attack which you may have never felt before. So next time your going to take the elevator you might opt for the stairs, this is your subconscious reminding you that last time you had a problem and you might feel all weird and stuff but hate to tell you this is Anxiety! This is just another word for FEAR! So don’t let your subconscious take you for a ride. You be in control of YOU!

I just learned last week that the a.m. news shows and the news in general plays a huge role in the fear factor. Why you ask? Because the news networks over exaggerate what’s really going on in the world and they just want their listeners sitting on the edge of their seats. It’s almost like a horror film and sometimes it is because of the graphic content and pictures they use and topics that media discusses on the news cast. I think the news should have a rating such as a movie rating.  Then at least people can make a choice whether to listen or not! We all listen to the news whether it be on t.v. or on the radio and all the news we listen to is all bad news. The media never reports good news except when it someone reaches their 100th birthday. Why is that? These news journalists get paid an awful lot of money to put Americans in a state of panic. This is just another way to feed the fear. We need to keep our minds in check with reality. Why can’t we have a news network that provides Happy News?

I went on a search on the internet and there are 313,000 topics related to Fear and the News. There have been plenty of studies done on this very topic by sociologists and from what I have read the media bases its content on culture.

Every person has a fear and we should all face our fears with challenge. Challenge yourself and win.

Take Control of YOU!


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