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Car Games to Pass the Time

My husband and I were out and about today and we were sitting in traffic and he announces “punch buggy orange no return “with a punch to the arm. Wow I said, “I didn’t see that buggy” and sure enough I look behind me and there was the orange bug convertible.

We got to talking about the car games we all have played with friends and family.

Who remembers playing PaDiddle, License Plate and Punch Buggy game? There are real rules and a point system for these games. If you haven’t played them look them up online and start playing. It’s a great pass time for the kids and the family if you are traveling by car going on vacation.

This brought back memories of my late childhood and from time to time my husband and I play the punch buggy game but there are very few old buggies around and the new buggies don’t count.

Be creative and have fun!

What was your favorite car game? Leave a comment and let me know.

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Reap instead of Weep

Summer is on its way and we all could use some insight to summer savings. You probably do not know I am all about saving and being frugal. Here are some summer saving tips to help you.

*Start a vegetable garden and reap the fresh rewards. I think its important to have a garden that you can enjoy during the summer but also enjoy during the winter. I always plant green beans, peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. I especially enjoy picking vegetables to freeze to have during the winter.

*Hot and Humid days are no one’s favorite type of day especially not mine. Here are some tips to help you save some money. On hot days, close your windows and close your blinds or curtains. It’s best to block the sunshine instead of letting the heat in. I prefer using insulated curtains because not only do they work but they block the heat from the sun and keep rooms comfortable. Don’t run your appliances on hot days because your appliances will work harder and they will increase your homes temperature. Keep this in mind, caves are dark and cool. Your home could be too.

*Run the air conditioner during the day but its best to use a unit that is an energy star product and you can set the temperature. Don’t forget to clean the air filters for the air conditioner; this way your appliance runs smarter not harder. The evenings are best for opening the windows unless its humid outside.

*Savings for vacations and day trips; consider checking with your local library and chamber of commerce to see if they offer any coupons or passes to places such as the aquarium, sporting events, walking tours, etc…Also check online to see if there any savings you can reap for your day trip or vacation. If you are a member of AAA you get a percentage of  savings there too just by showing your card.

*Consider packing a lunch if you are going on a day trip or to an amusement park because concession food can be very pricey.

If you have any suggestions for summer savings, please leave a comment so others can benefit too.

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The Fear Factor

This is story is not about some t.v. reality show its about life and living with fear.

So many of people live in fear everyday but some maybe ashamed to say so…and where does the fear come from. It comes directly from the person and your subconscious creates it. Sometimes it wreaks havoc on a person’s life from the individual’s mind.  For example you are in an elevator and you start feeling sick for whatever the reason is, you may feel faint and the feeling of being alone kicks in an anxiety attack which you may have never felt before. So next time your going to take the elevator you might opt for the stairs, this is your subconscious reminding you that last time you had a problem and you might feel all weird and stuff but hate to tell you this is Anxiety! This is just another word for FEAR! So don’t let your subconscious take you for a ride. You be in control of YOU!

I just learned last week that the a.m. news shows and the news in general plays a huge role in the fear factor. Why you ask? Because the news networks over exaggerate what’s really going on in the world and they just want their listeners sitting on the edge of their seats. It’s almost like a horror film and sometimes it is because of the graphic content and pictures they use and topics that media discusses on the news cast. I think the news should have a rating such as a movie rating.  Then at least people can make a choice whether to listen or not! We all listen to the news whether it be on t.v. or on the radio and all the news we listen to is all bad news. The media never reports good news except when it someone reaches their 100th birthday. Why is that? These news journalists get paid an awful lot of money to put Americans in a state of panic. This is just another way to feed the fear. We need to keep our minds in check with reality. Why can’t we have a news network that provides Happy News?

I went on a search on the internet and there are 313,000 topics related to Fear and the News. There have been plenty of studies done on this very topic by sociologists and from what I have read the media bases its content on culture.

Every person has a fear and we should all face our fears with challenge. Challenge yourself and win.

Take Control of YOU!


House History Part 1

My husband and I started a research project in the 2nd year of living in our house. One day we went to the local library to start looking for history on the house. We looked through tons of vintage archives but we came up short. I remember the librarian asking us if we needed help and we told him what we were doing. He asked us where we lived and we told him.

Maybe it was destiny that we spoke that day because come to find out, he lived in our house in the 70’s when he was  a teenager. He said, his parents rented the house for a couple of years but while they were living there his mother became extremely ill. His mom was sick the time they lived in that house and shortly after they moved 2 streets over she was well again…how ironic don’t you think?

Did the ghost make her sick? Like he made me sick?

I found the paper work today and started the research project again because I still remain curious about the history on the house.

Well its been a long night and I have found some information just about property owners so now the adventure will begin. At least now I know who the original owner was and he was born in 1890 which would have made this person 21 yrs of age back in 1911 and later died in 1974. Now I need to find out if he died in the house.

Until then…I will keep you posted of my findings.

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When does the World End?

The world ends every time someone dies in a deadly tornado, a natural disaster, car crash, from a deadly disease and a terrorist attack.

Our hearts feel the pain and the sadness associated with disaster. We always look for ways to help but I think the best way of helping is to say a prayer.

Prayer is very powerful, so say a prayer and God will answer.

“Celebrate life everyday because you don’t know when it might be your last”!


A Ghostly Encounter on Moving Day

Well here it is moving day and its early morning in November and our two friends  arrived at the house before my husband and I  did, we were driving back home with the U-haul. We greeted our company in the driveway and my friend David told me that he sees an old man in the window rocking in a rocking chair. Well enough said, I wasn’t feeling like myself all morning long and to hear that come from David really set the mood. I was just plain anxious! Today, I am learning from my friend David that there is a mean ghost living in the house. Really? A mean ghost. This is David’s first time coming to my home. I wish I had David over sooner it would have explained a lot of the 6 years of living in this miserable house.

So we talked about things and what we were doing first. We go into the house and start with plan A. I am talking but watching David at the same time. David was getting the readings from standing in the kitchen. He started asking questions and walking around but I didn’t follow. I just let him feel out the house. My friend David is a medium and he can see and talk to the spirits.  I hung out in the kitchen with my friend and my husband drinking coffee. I had turned the heat on but as usual it was very cold in the house.

So we started moving furniture and items from the first floor into the truck and then David and I went upstairs to the den. Now the den is the place where the old man was sitting in the rocking chair in front of the window. The den was my office and my favorite hang out in the house. It was always very warm in this room and there was always a heaviness in the air but things occasionally happened in this room.

David start walking around in the den and says “Is there someone here”? The air was heavy and I could feel a presence standing somewhere in front of me. I have limited ability when it comes to seeing ghosts but I can feel their presence of someone in a room with me. I moved slowly in the room, I put my hands in front of me and started parting the ways to try to feel where the presence was in the room. I can feel it but I can’t find it, I said to David. David said, the ghost wants you to go on the computer and buy something. He also said, he likes to watch everything you do on the computer and he thanks you for the floor. The floor was re-finished and why would he thank me for that? My mouth was starting drop and it only gets better from here. David continues to tell me that this ghost likes playing with me. Well, I didn’t find that funny one bit and I was a bit pissed off but why would I give this ghost the satisfaction at this point!

Come to find out from talking with David, this ghost was mean but he also told me that he did something really bad back in the day.

Here’s a little something I need to share with you before I go any further. For 5 years I had the same recurring dream that I found bones in the floor in the den.  I only told my husband about the recurring dreams because I didn’t want anyone to think I was crazy. Well come to find out from other sources of psychics that there is something in the floor of the den. Damn! I knew I should have taken up the boards and taken a look but it’s too late now.

We continued moving as planned and my thoughts started running wild about all the bad luck that took place at this house and all the things that happened, everything started to make sense. That ghost played a “Wild Card” with me and made me feel like I was crazy and out of control. Ghosts have a way of doing things to people that makes your life seem abnormal. This ghost apparently didn’t care for women because I had found out from David that all the women who ever lived in this house became sick. I was one of those women I became ill in the 2nd year of living in this house and was sick for about a year.

Moving day is coming to an end and now its time for dinner. We took our friends out to dinner at Luigi‘s for the best pizza in the City of Manchester. We chatted about other things and life but no more mention of the ghost. At this point I was sure I didn’t want to know anymore.

I am glad we are out of that house and we have started our life over in a place we can call home that’s full of peace and yes we live with a friendly ghost.


19 days of Such is Life

Its been 19 days since I started blogging and when I started I wasn’t sure of the blogging thing. I can say “I love it”!

I feel refreshed and my mind is clearer when I am able to express myself and that’s truly important to one’s self.

We all get wrapped up in everyday things and we sometimes don’t get the opportunity to share a story with someone.  Since I started writing it has helped me to remember lost life stories that got pushed to the back of closet. We all need to clean out the closet and make room for the new.

I truly appreciate everyone who has read my blogs and best of all thank you to those for leaving comments. It’s a feeling of fulfillment that someone else can read my blogs and have a laugh, learn something new, get the chills or just simply smile because they read something that made them feel good.

Thank you to my closest friends for being my inspirations. You all deserve a HUGE thank you!


The Big Purse

My husband and I were out doing our usual shopping on a Friday evening. We stopped in at Wally World to pick up a few things. It always seems like an interesting trip every time we go to this particular store.

We did our shopping and it was time to check out. There was a woman who had just finished her check out and was standing at the end of the lane. The Wally World associate started ringing our order and bagging our items. The woman was still at the end of the lane fussing with this big purse. I was trying to figure out what was taking so long; maybe she couldn’t find her keys or maybe she was putting her money away. Who knows but I needed to grab my bags and put them in the cart. So I said, “excuse me” and she moved over just a bit. Now I am feeling annoyed about why this women is being so slow to move out of the lane. As I am thinking to myself, “She had her turn, now leave”!

We left the store and the women walked out right behind us. We put the bags in the car and then we sat in the car watching this woman. She just stood there at her car fussing again with that big purse.

She couldn’t find her keys in her overstuffed big purse. Some people are just clueless. Do you really need to carry your whole life in your purse?

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One Mouse and Two Traps

I went over to the apartment to get ready to put a coat of prime on the bathroom walls and I had just opened the door to hear the sounds of scurrying mice dragging a mouse trap under the sink cabinet.  The chills just rushed through my body.

I waited for the noise to stop before I proceeded to enter the apartment because I still had chills running up my spine. There are some things I don’t do well with and this is one of them. I know what you are thinking while you are reading this and probably saying “Wow this person is really a chicken shit”! I agree that I am. My husband has trapped mice for two days and lacing the traps with soy peanut butter.

I went about my business and started priming the bathroom but while I was painting, the sounds continued under the sink. They must really enjoy the soy peanut butter, I thought to myself. Then all of sudden, Snap! and then Snap again!

Well after hearing the snapping of the mouse traps, the chills continued to run up my spine.

Needless to say I left the apartment and went about my day and later that evening my husband and I went back to the apartment to put the first coat of paint on the walls. While I was painting, my husband says “Honey, come here I want you to see what all the noise was about” I said, well okay. So I went into the kitchen to see 1 mouse caught in two traps.  How funny! Well how do you get your tail snapped in a trap and part of your head in the other trap and stay alive? Yes! He was alive and pedaling around the cabinet dragging two mouse traps.


This one mouse made all that racket under the sink.


Ways to Recycle and Donate

We hear it all the time…Recycle, Recycle, Recycle.

Many of us do recycle and a lot of us don’t. I always have to ask just Why?

Here are simple ways for everyone to recycle:

Newspaper; use it for washing your windows, use it for your wood stove, give it to a friend or neighbor who may not have the money to buy one for themselves and ask them to pass it on to someone else.

Donate: all of us have items we no longer need such as furniture, books, clothing etc. Donating is a great way to recycle and best of all you can take a charitable tax deduction at tax time. Don’t throw it away, Donate it.

Yard Sale: sell your stuff and make some money. Again, you are recycling!

Printer Cartridges: call your local office store and ask them if they have a recycling center for printer cartridges or find a charity who will take them for a donation.  If you decide to give don’t forget the end of the year charitable tax deduction at tax time.

Cellphones and other mobile devices: call your wireless carrier and see if they recycle cellphones. I have found that most of them will recycle and give your cellphone to charitable cause such as domestic violence charities.

Have recycling bins for plastic, glass, metal and paper/cardboard. You will have to check with your city or town to see which items are recyclable. On the bottom of plastic containers there is a triangle symbol with a number inside it. Where I live we can only recycle 1 and 2’s. All of the other numbers are trash. For instance, if you have plastic containers with lids; reuse them for taking leftovers to work for lunch or use them for paper clips, coins, etc..

We can all do our part in recycling and reducing waste in the landfills. Recycle, Reuse and Reduce Waste!

I would love to hear from everyone who reads this blog on how they recycle, reuse and reduce waste.

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