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One Mouse and Two Traps

I went over to the apartment to get ready to put a coat of prime on the bathroom walls and I had just opened the door to hear the sounds of scurrying mice dragging a mouse trap under the sink cabinet.  The chills just rushed through my body.

I waited for the noise to stop before I proceeded to enter the apartment because I still had chills running up my spine. There are some things I don’t do well with and this is one of them. I know what you are thinking while you are reading this and probably saying “Wow this person is really a chicken shit”! I agree that I am. My husband has trapped mice for two days and lacing the traps with soy peanut butter.

I went about my business and started priming the bathroom but while I was painting, the sounds continued under the sink. They must really enjoy the soy peanut butter, I thought to myself. Then all of sudden, Snap! and then Snap again!

Well after hearing the snapping of the mouse traps, the chills continued to run up my spine.

Needless to say I left the apartment and went about my day and later that evening my husband and I went back to the apartment to put the first coat of paint on the walls. While I was painting, my husband says “Honey, come here I want you to see what all the noise was about” I said, well okay. So I went into the kitchen to see 1 mouse caught in two traps.  How funny! Well how do you get your tail snapped in a trap and part of your head in the other trap and stay alive? Yes! He was alive and pedaling around the cabinet dragging two mouse traps.


This one mouse made all that racket under the sink.


Ways to Recycle and Donate

We hear it all the time…Recycle, Recycle, Recycle.

Many of us do recycle and a lot of us don’t. I always have to ask just Why?

Here are simple ways for everyone to recycle:

Newspaper; use it for washing your windows, use it for your wood stove, give it to a friend or neighbor who may not have the money to buy one for themselves and ask them to pass it on to someone else.

Donate: all of us have items we no longer need such as furniture, books, clothing etc. Donating is a great way to recycle and best of all you can take a charitable tax deduction at tax time. Don’t throw it away, Donate it.

Yard Sale: sell your stuff and make some money. Again, you are recycling!

Printer Cartridges: call your local office store and ask them if they have a recycling center for printer cartridges or find a charity who will take them for a donation.  If you decide to give don’t forget the end of the year charitable tax deduction at tax time.

Cellphones and other mobile devices: call your wireless carrier and see if they recycle cellphones. I have found that most of them will recycle and give your cellphone to charitable cause such as domestic violence charities.

Have recycling bins for plastic, glass, metal and paper/cardboard. You will have to check with your city or town to see which items are recyclable. On the bottom of plastic containers there is a triangle symbol with a number inside it. Where I live we can only recycle 1 and 2’s. All of the other numbers are trash. For instance, if you have plastic containers with lids; reuse them for taking leftovers to work for lunch or use them for paper clips, coins, etc..

We can all do our part in recycling and reducing waste in the landfills. Recycle, Reuse and Reduce Waste!

I would love to hear from everyone who reads this blog on how they recycle, reuse and reduce waste.

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