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On Friday afternoon around 3:15 it started thundering and I thought well this was no big deal and I can handle it. Mind you I don’t like storms especially when the thunder is real loud and lightning. I was keeping myself busy folding laundry and cleaning the bedroom. Then the storm really started getting intense and I felt the need to find a place somewhere in my home that I could feel safe away from windows. This was no ordinary thunderstorm this was an electrical storm. I grabbed my soda, cellphone and a cigarette and found my dark spot on the floor between the dining room and the bathroom. I closed the door to the dining room and opened the door to the bathroom. I just sat there in the dark listening to the electricity run through the sky and bang with the thunder.

I was extremely scared and I could feel the anxiety building. Well all of sudden the door to the bathroom started to close and there he was standing right in front of me was my boy Kudah. I could only see his eyes but that’s okay. He came to let me know that I was okay and he was there with me keeping me safe.

I wasn’t scared anymore and I really felt at peace.

Kudah was always there when we had these awful scary storms and we use to sit together and I would talk with him.

I am just so happy he came to visit even if it was just for a short while.


My surreal dream

The first week of July was such an awful week for my husband and I. We had to put Kudah down after 11 years of awesome companionship. He was very sick and was dying of cancer. He truly was the best child with paws and he is very dearly missed.

Saturday July 9, I remember going to bed early and laying there crying my eyes out and eventually falling asleep. I remember dreaming because it was surreal. I dreamt that Kudah was right before my eyes looking at me and he was kissing me and licking my face and I could feel his whiskers on my face and the softness of his fur. It appeared the dream only lasted a few minutes but I swear I could feel and see him and I know he was there. Just like when I shared my pillow with him every night he would kiss me good night. I remember being happy to see him but I don’t remember what I said to him and then I woke up suddenly bawling my eyes out. I wish I didn’t wake so soon because I would love to go back to the dream.

I remember my husband saying “What did you dream about?” I said, “Kudah was here with me in my dream and it was real”!


House History Part 1

My husband and I started a research project in the 2nd year of living in our house. One day we went to the local library to start looking for history on the house. We looked through tons of vintage archives but we came up short. I remember the librarian asking us if we needed help and we told him what we were doing. He asked us where we lived and we told him.

Maybe it was destiny that we spoke that day because come to find out, he lived in our house in the 70’s when he was  a teenager. He said, his parents rented the house for a couple of years but while they were living there his mother became extremely ill. His mom was sick the time they lived in that house and shortly after they moved 2 streets over she was well again…how ironic don’t you think?

Did the ghost make her sick? Like he made me sick?

I found the paper work today and started the research project again because I still remain curious about the history on the house.

Well its been a long night and I have found some information just about property owners so now the adventure will begin. At least now I know who the original owner was and he was born in 1890 which would have made this person 21 yrs of age back in 1911 and later died in 1974. Now I need to find out if he died in the house.

Until then…I will keep you posted of my findings.

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A Ghostly Encounter on Moving Day

Well here it is moving day and its early morning in November and our two friends  arrived at the house before my husband and I  did, we were driving back home with the U-haul. We greeted our company in the driveway and my friend David told me that he sees an old man in the window rocking in a rocking chair. Well enough said, I wasn’t feeling like myself all morning long and to hear that come from David really set the mood. I was just plain anxious! Today, I am learning from my friend David that there is a mean ghost living in the house. Really? A mean ghost. This is David’s first time coming to my home. I wish I had David over sooner it would have explained a lot of the 6 years of living in this miserable house.

So we talked about things and what we were doing first. We go into the house and start with plan A. I am talking but watching David at the same time. David was getting the readings from standing in the kitchen. He started asking questions and walking around but I didn’t follow. I just let him feel out the house. My friend David is a medium and he can see and talk to the spirits.  I hung out in the kitchen with my friend and my husband drinking coffee. I had turned the heat on but as usual it was very cold in the house.

So we started moving furniture and items from the first floor into the truck and then David and I went upstairs to the den. Now the den is the place where the old man was sitting in the rocking chair in front of the window. The den was my office and my favorite hang out in the house. It was always very warm in this room and there was always a heaviness in the air but things occasionally happened in this room.

David start walking around in the den and says “Is there someone here”? The air was heavy and I could feel a presence standing somewhere in front of me. I have limited ability when it comes to seeing ghosts but I can feel their presence of someone in a room with me. I moved slowly in the room, I put my hands in front of me and started parting the ways to try to feel where the presence was in the room. I can feel it but I can’t find it, I said to David. David said, the ghost wants you to go on the computer and buy something. He also said, he likes to watch everything you do on the computer and he thanks you for the floor. The floor was re-finished and why would he thank me for that? My mouth was starting drop and it only gets better from here. David continues to tell me that this ghost likes playing with me. Well, I didn’t find that funny one bit and I was a bit pissed off but why would I give this ghost the satisfaction at this point!

Come to find out from talking with David, this ghost was mean but he also told me that he did something really bad back in the day.

Here’s a little something I need to share with you before I go any further. For 5 years I had the same recurring dream that I found bones in the floor in the den.  I only told my husband about the recurring dreams because I didn’t want anyone to think I was crazy. Well come to find out from other sources of psychics that there is something in the floor of the den. Damn! I knew I should have taken up the boards and taken a look but it’s too late now.

We continued moving as planned and my thoughts started running wild about all the bad luck that took place at this house and all the things that happened, everything started to make sense. That ghost played a “Wild Card” with me and made me feel like I was crazy and out of control. Ghosts have a way of doing things to people that makes your life seem abnormal. This ghost apparently didn’t care for women because I had found out from David that all the women who ever lived in this house became sick. I was one of those women I became ill in the 2nd year of living in this house and was sick for about a year.

Moving day is coming to an end and now its time for dinner. We took our friends out to dinner at Luigi‘s for the best pizza in the City of Manchester. We chatted about other things and life but no more mention of the ghost. At this point I was sure I didn’t want to know anymore.

I am glad we are out of that house and we have started our life over in a place we can call home that’s full of peace and yes we live with a friendly ghost.


Ghostly Phenomenons

Ghostly Phenomenons happened in my house. After a while you just learn to accept that you are living with a ghost and think nothing of it.

Nothing but bad luck for 6 years of living in that house. Everything that could happen, did happen.

We never looked forward to winter living in that house. It didn’t matter what you put the thermostat on, it was just cold. It was a cold feeling that never went away. We would dress in layers just to stay warm. We would go to bed at night and always slept with 3 or more blankets. It’s a wonder we didn’t get sick from the house being so darn cold.

My husband and I had the house insulated in the fall of 2008 and new windows installed throughout the house in winter of 2009. We took the necessary measures to help with the heating costs and it didn’t even matter because the house remained cold.

Every so often but only during the winter months the natural gas pipes would make this clanging sound like someone was hammering on the pipes. Of course, the pipes would only rattle when you were about to fall asleep at night. It was just enough to get your attention. You would also hear sounds that came from other rooms. We had plenty of nights of getting out of bed to check out the sound but once you went looking for it, it would stop.

We left one low voltage lamp in the back yard for a couple of years just to see if it would come on and sure enough it would come on and stay on, then go off and on etc…just remember we cut the wires.

From time to time I could feel a presence in the den but I couldn’t see who was there. The presence was like heavy air and I would put my hands in front of me and part the ways and walk towards to find where the presence was located.

My husband and I always talked about having a psychic come in and test the house but we never did.  I have a dear friend who is a medium and we have confirmation that there is a mean ghost living in the house.

Final conclusion coming soon.

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Whose in the Basement?

It was the fall of 2007 and I had just gotten home from work and I noticed the door was open to the basement and the light was on. I thought maybe my husband left the door open and maybe he left the light on too. Not really sure.

My husband was working over time at work on this particular evening so I was home alone with the dog. The house was chilly and I had turned the heat on but I just couldn’t seem to warm up. So, I put on a sweatshirt and went about the evening activities.

At this time I was in the kitchen cooking dinner when out of no where there was some noise coming from the basement. It sounded like someone was hammering some wood. I picked up my cellphone and pressed 911 for when I needed to hit send. I went to the edge of the basement stairs and yelled down, Is there someone there? The hammering stopped. I was afraid to go down the stairs of what I might find but I went down and there was nothing that I could see.

I was a bit scared at this point and couldn’t wait for my husband to come home from work. I started thinking about all the incidents that had taken place before this one and it was definite that there was a ghost in the house.

I called my husband hoping he would answer his cellphone, thank goodness he answered. I said, when are you leaving to come home? He said, why? I said, honey its definite we have a ghost living in the house.  He said he would be home in a half hour. My husband arrived and we spoke about the incident and of course we talked about the other incidents that had taken place too. It was a sleepless night because the hammering started up around the time we both were about to fall asleep. I said, now do you believe me.

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The Flash of Light

Its early Spring of 2007 and my husband and I were working on a small project outside. We were uncovering the wiring for the low voltage lights that were in the back yard. So after locating the wiring that was buried under the mulch, we unplugged the cord from the main outlet and continued pulling up the wires. We cut some of the wiring because it was easier to take up the wires and pull the lighting out of the ground.

Dusk was near so we had to stop and continue the project for another day. We walked toward the neighbors fence and turned to look at the house when all of sudden the two lights we left flashed twice. I looked at my husband and said, how did that happen? We cut the wires!

We have determined that we are living with a ghost.

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Living with the unknown

It was December of 2006 and Christmas was just a few weeks away. One Saturday afternoon my husband was in the guest bedroom with the door closed because he was wrapping Christmas presents for me.

He yells downstairs to me “Why is the ceiling fan on”? I said, I don’t know but I didn’t turn it on. Then he says, “Well I didn’t turn it on either”! Well if you can just imagine what is going through our minds.  I go upstairs to meet him in the hall and then he says ” I can’t turn off the ceiling fan, it just won’t shut off”.  Well it gets better I walked into the guest bedroom and just for giggles I tried to pull the ceiling fan drawstring to shut off the ceiling fan and it wouldn’t shut off but instead the light came on. As we all know that isn’t suppose to happen. Now we are standing there looking at each other with blank looks on our faces.

My hubby gathered all his Christmas stuff and ventured into another room to finish his wrapping.  This is the second time something weird has happened since we had moved into the house.

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2 Weeks Later

My husband and I had just purchased a 1911 Colonial house in the fall of 2006 in New Hampshire.  We hadn’t moved in yet because we were doing some improvements and we had contractors coming and going. We said, we would move in when everything was complete, so in the meantime we would go to the house on the weekends and do the cleaning and painting etc…

It was just two weeks later after dark on a Saturday evening my husband was standing in the door way on the porch that leads into the kitchen when all of sudden a tape ball passed directly in front of me and hit him in the chest. He said, “What was that for?” I said, I didn’t do that. I saw it fly at high speeds across the kitchen which mind you passed right in front of me. We looked at each other with shocking faces and we stopped to chat about the house and how old it was and just maybe that was a ghost who threw the tape ball. Not another word was spoken about the incident the rest of the night.

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