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The House Centipede

This is a Nasty Creature

Here is some information regarding the house centipede that I found in my shower on Saturday morning. I am sure some of you were probably a little freaked out or just laughed about my experience.  I can laugh about it now but if I see one again I will be sure to scream!!!

I found a picture online I would like to share with you. Like this would freak anyone out! These ugly creatures live in damp, dark places and live in your drains. They feed on other insects and they are mostly nocturnal. In case you are wondering where do they come from? The mediterranean region of the world. He must have come off the boat and just crawled his way here.

When the Exterminator came to the house Saturday morning he did tell us that if you have seen one centipede there are more to follow. Not if I can help it, there won’t be anymore. We have one last venture to take care of and that is the basement. We found a fogger made by Raid that takes care of this pest and many more. Soon I will be killing them and all their nasty friends!

So this is what my husband and I did to clear the drains on Saturday evening. We went to the store and purchased 2 bottles of Foaming Pipe Snake and poured it down the bathroom sink and the tub drain and let it sit for 1 hour. Then with scalding hot water rinsed the drains for a few minutes.  Then we did the same thing for the kitchen sink.

We also used the Eco Smart and sprayed the drain pipes under the sinks.

This is last creature I want to see for a very long time.

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Spiders drive me crazy

You give me shivers at the sight of you and you make me scream when you get to close to me.

My husband and I battled these creatures for about a week or so and it was becoming a living nightmare. Every time we would walk into the bathroom they would be hanging out around the sink, on the ceiling and around the window. Then from time to time we would find them in other places lurking about and of course you would find your eyes peeled to every wall and ceiling before entering another room. Here it is Saturday morning and I am in the shower washing my hair, I happen to look down to find this long hairy lots of legs creature well I screamed so loud and jumped out of the shower so fast its a wonder I didn’t slip and fall on the floor. My husband came running and said “What the hell is that” I don’t know I said, just kill it!!! Well after my eventful shower I ran out of hot water because I left the shower running. Oh well, maybe I just needed a cold shower!

We did an internet search on the creature that was found, well come to find out we had a house centipede.

Crazy and now it was time for a peace of mind!

We called the Exterminator who came but of course he didn’t get to see them first hand because you know the spiders were watching and hiding.  Well the man gave us a quote that was unbearably expensive so we chose another route.

We found what appears to be a “wonderful” product called Eco Smart.  It’s an all natural product that is human and pet safe. Eco Smart has a really nice scent but its a little overpowering at first so I suggest you open the windows before spraying. After spraying the whole house I found one spider lurking about on Monday morning while I was showering. I couldn’t scream because I didn’t want to wake my husband but I should have. So I had to think quickly about my plan of attack.  He was drowned in a hot spray of water and down the drain he went.  What a way to start the day!

A peace of mind is here to stay!


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