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Weird Things People Do

on August 22, 2011

I have noticed lately that people do such weird things.

My husband and I were sitting out front Monroe Muffler on their bench just waiting for the service man to finish up the emission test for the truck. So we are sitting there utilizing time well spent, trying finish up the grocery list and chatting about the rest of our day. So we both noticed….

A car stops at the red light and then a man gets out of the car, stands up and stretches, then reaches back in and takes out his car mats and starts shaking them. He gets back in his car just in time to stall his car for the green light. This is was time well spent and the man had just enough time to do all of this before the green light. We watched all of this while sitting on the bench at Monroe Muffler. It was a great laugh!

There was this man who appeared to be pissed off about the quote he received at Monroe Muffler. He kept walking in and out of the front door and saying “I don’t have the money for this, this is ridiculous” but he is looking at us every time he walks in and out the front door. He did this exercise 3 repeated times. The last time I could help but notice he stuck his hand down the back of his pants to itch or do something but the disturbing part about this is he did this in public and he didn’t seem to care. Gross!

There was a man in the Target parking lot this past week who washed his hands in a rain puddle and then dried his hands on his shorts. I really wanted to tell him that we had working bathrooms and it was okay for him to wash his hands.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and had a good laugh.


7 responses to “Weird Things People Do

  1. Oh my goodness I could write a book about all the things I’ve seen people do….priceless!


  2. The guy at the stop light was priceless…it would of made a great commercial.


  3. I can see that! But what would the commercial be for?


  4. Just talking in general..ya had to be there!


  5. I am so pumped, you are 9 views away from 1,000!


  6. It sure is awesome, you will get there soon too! Happy Blogging my dear friend Betty Marshall.


  7. […] Weird Things People Do ( […]


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